Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things are gettin' done!

Things are much better here at the ranch!

Yesterday we took a day off work and drove to Cody. 
We stopped for lunch at Bubba's. Every year we are out here on my birthday and normally we come into town for my birthday, I love their pulled pork sandwich.
But because of the work we had to do it took us a week and a half to finally go to Cody.


I always like to take a walk through the Irma Hotel. It still has that feel of the olden days. All the original wood paneled walls, the original huge old bar in the restaurant, the big stone fireplace in the bar.

Then we went for a ride up Wapiti Valley for a short distance and past the Buffalo Bill Dam and reservoir.
This is at the end of the 'lake'. There is a bridge crossing the Shoshone River which flows out of Yellowstone. We were only 40 miles from the east entrance of Yellowstone Park when we turned around.
The view looking up the river towards Yellowstone Park.

The Reservoir heading east back to Cody

The sheet rock is going up with a minor glitch yesterday.
Still waiting for the plumber to deliver the toilet but he has stopped by late in the day in the past so maybe...just maybe...he will still come here.
The heating guy was here all day doing his custom work in his portable shop.
The husband is still working on the electricity.

It's starting to look like a real home.

More pictures tomorrow....
(Click on the pictures and you almost feel like you are there!)

Another cool thing, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an American flag outside their home whether it be out here in the country next to their mailbox or in town because of 9/11. I have never seen a more patriotic area in my life!
We bought one today and hung it on the bunkhouse.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It is so pretty there...glad you had some time to relax, and that things are starting to get done!

Sylvia said...

So nice that you got away for awhile to relax. Bubba's has a great pulled pork sandwich. There is a chuck wagon place just before Walmart that has outstanding pulled pork too. It's to go but you can always take it on a picnic to the lake or just to the park.


SO, is it your Birthday!!!
What a beautiful place/photos! Hope you get a bathroom soon!