Saturday, August 1, 2020

Planning to start building this Fall

Gosh, I forgot how this all works, it's been so long!

Sometime in Sept/Oct I'll start posting the beginning of the new house, hopefully if all goes as planned...I say it with hesitation because so many times, for years, we were ready to start but then something came up like housing crashing, insane health insurance prices now the damn virus is messing us up but we are going to start anyway and slowly. The house may not be actually built until next spring but we can start this fall with a basement and see how things go. (The house was slotted for this May 2020 but thanks to the virus it had to be postponed....again. 2020 has been a rotten year all around)

So stay turned!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One more year and the fun begins!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Kitchen Cabinets

We're slow but we're back at it again. Finally the kitchen cabinets.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


We're still working out west. I haven't been posting because first off I didn't have a 'safe' computer to use online and second it's just been super busy. Way too many irons in the fire!
I won't go into detail but we do have the majority of the bunkhouse finished. 
It getting closer, the husband plans to retire this coming year, we plan to start getting our house in order so we can put it up for sale and get ourselves moved to Wyoming for good! It's going to be a lot of work, 30 years of stuff to pack, and we're definitely not as young as we were when we started this, we sure can tell a huge difference, this year especially. Then we'll need to find a builder...a reliable one this time...and get started on building a house. We have a few suggestions, still need to talk to them. We know exactly what we want for a house but are afraid it will look a little out of place. On the other hand we have such awesome views that how can you not take advantage of that!  It's one of the reasons we bought the property in the first place, and also that the longest side borders BLM land with endless trails and roads. We want porches, lots of porches, that will make the house look huge even though it's not but seriously I could spend all day out on a porch and when the sun sets and rises some times every direction is beautiful! 
Next summer I'll try to be better at posting.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sure beats two years ago!

Yes, it's been a while since my last post here. 

We are here and have been working steadily on this place but I haven't had the time to post about it.

Today's cooler rainy weather reminds me so much of 2 years ago, on this same date, the husband was heading back here but had to wait out the big snow storm in South Dakota because the freeway was closed.
I remember only too well sitting in the little trailer, on a very dreary day about this same time, wondering where the hired help was and if this bunkhouse would ever get finished.
I posted a pretty sad post that day.

Well I can happily say I'm in the bunkhouse on this cool wet day!
Nice and warm and toasty with the heat on as warm as I want it to be.
And even better...looking out my windows at the mountains! NOT at an unfinished bunkhouse!!!!

It didn't snow very much last night up there but there does appear to be a light dusting to the left, lower down and below the bottom of the clouds. The forecast is for more snow tonight and cooler temps but then later in the day it will clear up and be back in the high 60's and low 70's all week.

Hard to believe I put my feet in Shell Creek (running out of the mountains) to cool them off just last Saturday. We went for a ride that day, it was hot...98 in Greybull just about 37 miles to the south, today it's about 52 here.

We've done a lot but it still never feels like enough. We did put down more plywood 'plank' flooring.
I absolutely love how it's turning out! I wasn't sure but it far surpasses what I was even hoping to accomplish. It really looks like 6" wide pine plank flooring!

This next week I plan to stain and poly as many 'planks' as possible. We had hoped to finish the entire building but there were so many other things that needed attention. We started with the kitchen so that the husband can install the kitchen cabinets next summer, we have the vintage stove and vintage fridge, just need the sink and faucet. We have a cool vintage farm sink that was in the little barn when we bought the place but I forgot about it when they put in the plumbing...still asking the husband if he can make it work. Right now we have 2 banquet tables set up in the kitchen with everything piled on top including 2 hot plates, I do the dishes outside on the porch but it works and I don't mind it one bit because I have HOT WATER! What a treat after doing dishes in the trailer!

No trim around the doors and windows yet, I still need to poly the windows. I'd rather get the flooring all done so I can start moving in the rest of the furniture.

I did convince the husband to put up the curtain rods so I could hang the curtains because of the echo in here. I used the Pinterest painters drop cloths and I like it. I didn't even take the time to press them, the wrinkles don't bother me...I did wash them because I don't care for the funny smell straight out of the package. Maybe next year when we take them down to add the trim I'll give them a light press.

I'll take pictures and eventually post them, I just want to get as much done as possible while here.