Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Neighbors

I don't how we got so lucky but we have the best neighbors in Wyoming that anyone could possibly have. Here are 2 of my favorites on their Gator, Neil and Ruth.

Before we bought this little piece of Wyoming, we were coming down the mountain heading west towards town. I pointed to a small clump of Cottonwood trees and said to my husband "That's where I want to live, that clump of trees". Well we ended up directly behind that clump of trees and Neil and Ruth are the owners of that clump of trees! How could we get so lucky!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Forest Fire...Summer 2007

The reason for all of the smoke in many of the photos of the barn. After the crew was finished we took a trip up the mountain and found the source of the smoke! We sat and watched it burn for awhile, it sure does move fast with no wind. Hard to believe this can cause so much smoke for so far.

Pole Barn...Summer 2007

Getting the doors on. All it needs is the floor!

It took about 5 days to put the entire building up from start to finish. They were running behind by the end of the week so they brought out a second crew. We had 6 guys busy at work. It was just like watching busy ants, never a dull moment.

This is built by Cleary of Sheridan Wyoming

I thought this was an interesting view!

Putting up the poles.

Getting the barn started. Bringing in the supplies and the crew.
This is summer of 2007.