Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's finally REALLY happening!!!!

What a difference from last September!
We have new people...professional people!
They know what they are doing, they show up when they say they will, they
are getting the job done!

The inside really started to look different yesterday,
they plan to be finished today. 
3 days!
They'll spray texture the ceilings and spray prime everything.
I wanted smooth walls and was told by the last outfit that it can't be done...well it CAN be done when you have people who know how to do it!

These guys are great! It's a father daughter team, he's been doing this for 30 years.
How we found them? My friend, Joan, just happened to see them in a parade in town.
She knew we were desperate to find someone to finish the job so we called and they could work with our time slot so we decided to give them a try. I was worried because of the last guy who caused me to more or less not trust anyone but these people proved to me that there are trustworthy people still out there that can do the work and do it right.

There were a lot of previous mistakes that they had to fix but they didn't complain, they just did what needed doing!

Next post will be finished walls and all primed and ready to go. The husband bought a paint sprayer and he will spray paint everything. He'll be here soon.

As soon as they are finished I'll roller paint the bathroom so that it's ready for flooring and finishing.

I can't wait to show you what we do for the floors!
I think I'm going to love it and it's super cheap!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Only 3 more weeks....

So here it is, almost time to head west and see what happens this year.
Here's the bunkhouse as we left it last fall. You can see the front end of our small trailer to the right, that is what we have used for the last several years. Not that I don't appreciate it but it would be a really nice to move into the bunkhouse.

We have a guy who promises he will start on August 26. I plan to leave a few days earlier so I can get a few things done before he gets there.
We have a cement floor in the back room which will be a storage room for me but will serve as a bedroom for now. I need to clean that floor and paint it before we start working with more mud. It will make cleaning up a lot easier after the texture is finished. Plus I have to haul out all the scraps of sheetrock so we can work in there.

Hopefully this will be almost finished!
The plan is to hire him to finish the taping, sand and spray texture the ceilings and he says he can finish the same week he starts 
(that's the way the previous workers should have done it last year...grrrr!)

The husband will drive out the following weekend.
We will take over then and texture the walls with a Mission style.
I enjoy texturing, not sure if we can actually get it all done ourselves but we will see. 
We need to try to keep costs down after last years problems. Frankly we are out of budget to finish so we really need to pinch pennies.
(basically we are paying to finish the taping and sanding twice)

The husband plans to spray prime everything and hopefully spray paint too.
The very first thing we'll finish is the bathroom...floor, walls and all the fixtures.
Actually I'm dying to get my transformed buffet to vanity in there and see how it looks.
The husband is a licensed electrician so he will finish the electrical and hang lights.
The gas company came in last year after we left and buried the gas line so we will have heat! Just need to hook up to the furnace.

No floors this year other than the bathroom. The plan is to get to the point this year, where we were supposed to be last year. The last carpenters lack of following through set us back an entire year.
I'm really crossing my fingers and holding my breath as I write this... that the new guy will work out, if he does there is a ton of others projects for him in the future.

I'll be back after August 26th with an update...good or bad!