Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mountain Road

On our way down the mountain at sunset. This is a 10% grade for 10 miles.
This photo and the following photos were taken in July 2005 after the well was drilled....we took a break and headed up the mountain.

In The Big Horn Mountains

Had to escape the heat of the basin for a day so we took a little trip up the mountain to cool off along a little trout creek.
It takes 3o minutes and we're up nearly 10,000 feet, nice and cool after the high desert heat.

Fleabane.....not a very nice name for a pretty little flower. One of my favorites.

Elephant's Head.

I saw these in a wildflower book and always hoped to find them someday... and I did! They really do look like an elephant's head.

White Phlox

Friday, March 6, 2009

Drilling the well

Summer of 2005. We had Dave Newton of Worland WY drill our well. His daughter 'witched' for the water. I never really believed it was for real until I watched her, then she had me try it and and yes, I can find water too! The rods really do move on their own, what a strange sensation that is! She said it was 75 ft. and flowing east to west and knew how wide the underground source was. Yup, they found water at 72 ft. and plenty of it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cattle Drive

We heard some noise and looked out to this view. Just a small herd. But the cowboys were having a good time. Just when they got near, a couple guys held back and then took off in a race to see who's horse was the fastest. The sun had already set.

Fall Round Up

Every spring the sheep are herded up into the Big Horns for the summer via a different route. In the fall, they are herded right past our place. Was I surprised! I just got there the night before, ran to the grocery store in the morning and when I came back this is what I found. There were hundreds. I could hear them the night before not far away and the coyotes following them.

I found out from the herders how they keep count of the herd. They only need to count the black sheep. If any are missing then they know they need to go back and look for them. About 100 got into our place and of course were ripping out every plant by the roots. There was no black sheep with them, I decided to go find the herders to get their sheep. I tried to get them out...what a joke! Sheep are not the brightest critters in the world.