Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time to leave the bunkhouse

It was a better day today and late yesterday. Most everyone is gone (the workers) and having some peace and quiet has been very welcomed.

I stood back and took a picture of the front. It looks crooked but that was the person holding the

You can't see it well here but the view from the inside is just beautiful both to the east and west and even the small mountain to the south.

Taping is still not finished and will have to wait until next year. Could be we will have to finish it ourselves but I'm trying not to think of it and all the disappointments we had this year.

It's over and time to go home.
The husband is on the way here. He needs to pump out the water in the water heater in the crawlspace because we have to shut off everything and leave it without heat. It's the first time leaving it after getting the plumbing inside.

He got stuck behind the road closures from the blizzard in South Dakota and Wyoming.
He spent a lot of the day waiting for the freeway to open in South Dakota.

He's just on the other side of the mountain and luckily that road has reopened. It always closes for the winter in a couple of weeks.

It has been so pretty yesterday and today, the sky is clear and crisp.
I got out the zoom lens and zoomed up on the mountains to the west.

A few neighbors stopped by today and said goodbye, they are so good about keeping an eye on the place for us.

Tomorrow will be one hectic day draining and winterizing the house and the trailer.
I packed as much as I could today and started to fill up the truck with stuff.

I have mixed feelings, sad to leave but glad this is over, it has been too long and too stressful. 
I think I have a lot more grey hair from this ordeal and next year will be better.
It has to be!!!
But I still can't understand why the carpenter doesn't get it!
I guess we will never know what he was thinking....or NOT thinking!

But I wanted to end on a happy note instead of all of this negative weird stuff that happened with pretty pictures and views of the mountains.

Most likely I won't post again until next year, if you want to see what I do with the rest of my time I have another blog called Wild Rose Vintage, you are welcome to stop by and visit anytime!

P.S. click on any image and you will get a much larger view.

Also, in case you were wondering, the ceiling beam did NOT go up. The carpenter started it at midnight Friday and it looked iffy to me, plus he was exhausted. He needed 3 men to do it but only had 1 helper, said he'd be back at 8 am the next day and didn't show up till 1:00 pm.
I cancelled out after waiting for 5 hours plus it was time to start packing to leave, he pushed it off for so long that now it was too late. I did not like how he was going about it Friday night and had no trust that it was going to stay in place. It was hokey and when I explained to my husband how he was going about it, my husband said no way! 
We will come up with something different next year and do it ourselves.
My bathroom vanity is not in because everything is so far behind.

Next year will be different.