Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fresh Snow on the Mountain

A couple of days of cloudy weather and look what happens!
It cleared off last night, woke up to frost and 35 degrees and snow on the mountains this morning.
There was more snow earlier, quite a bit has already melted from the sun.
You can barely see it here way up on top, if you click on the picture to enlarge it it might show up better.

I have 2 big beams on the saw horses, they are supposed to go up at the peak of the vaulted ceiling...I have learned this year not to expect anything to be finished.
I just don't want them to sit on the porch for another year.
I have 1 coat of polyurethane on them and still need to do one more coat.

One person I can count on is myself!
Yes ME! I am using the Bobcat to move the dirt pile. It's hard to see here but I have moved away quite a lot of it. 

All sheet rock is done in the main room, the bathroom and a sort of hallway/storage place
You can see the peak where the beam will be...maybe...or will it become firewood?

The small room to the right will be a small kitchen and through the door on the left is the hallway/storage area which leads into the small bathroom. Off of the hallway/storage is another room that will be my storage room once it becomes my workshop. Until then it will be used as a bedroom.

He has very little sheet rock left to do.
He could have been finished a week ago but a few things came up and having to deal with the twisted wood has not helped.
That is why sheet rock should go up shortly after the house is built.
If not the wood tends to twist as it dries out. 
That was the plan but it didn't happen last winter or spring or summer...9 months to get it done.
I have also learned do not leave when they are here working...if I do, chances are they will be gone when I get back. Never leave a job and expect they will work while you are away!

He still plans to start the mud and taping today and if all goes well maybe the texture will get done. I am not holding my breath on any of it.
It has to all be finished by next Friday night including hanging the's anyone's guess if it will happen.

I'm betting it will not happen and we will have to texture the ceiling and walls next year.
THAT was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago.
I just want to come back next year and NOT have to count on anyone else.
We will just do the rest ourselves.

I have yelled and screamed and threatened, the husband has yelled and threatened, about every few days we have to kick up a fuss...why? I have no idea. It works a for a couple of days and then they slack off again.
I have never had so much trouble with anyone in my life. We built our house in Minnesota 25 years ago and we were the contractors. It's a whole house, 2 stories and a basement! We didn't have a fraction of the trouble with that as we have with this little bunkhouse.
Last year it all went so smoothly, this year it is the complete opposite and has been a total nightmare and we are working with the exact same people as last year...what happened???
And yes, we pay our bills on time so what's up?

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Sylvia said...

I just wonder what will happen when you build the main house. I guess you need some kind of contract that states it will be finished by a certain time. My whole house was built in 3 months.

Too bad you can't pay them the way they work. Late, not at all, a little at a time....

I'm so sorry you are having such a bad experience.