Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sad little house... maybe it will be finished next summer

I am not normally a depressed person and if you don't want to read any further then stop here.
(Where are the mountains? It's raining down here and snowing up there.)

I'm fed up! 
My husband had to go back home to get back to work, I'm stuck here trying to get work done....nothing is happening...I mean NOTHING!!!!
It's raining, dreary and cold in my old little trailer.
It's 46 degrees right now, it will be down to the low 30's the next 3 nights.
I was supposed to be able to move into the bunkhouse by now.
No, it does not have heat yet but with the good insulation and tight walls a couple of electric heaters would keep it toasty and warm easily.
I could be painting the walls.

But NO...I am sitting here in the cold trailer wondering what's going to get finished....or IF anything will get finished!

My husband asked the carpenter to come over and help the man doing the sheet rock for just a few hours so that he can get it done...he says he will but he doesn't do it.

The man doing the sheet rock spent yesterday in the hospital while his son had surgery on his knee from a recent football injury, I can accept that but he said he can't be here today either, I understand that too but why can't the carpenter step in and offer some help considering the circumstances.

The carpenter stopped by yesterday to pick up his drill. I asked him if he can really do the texture and spray prime before I leave (the first weekend in October) and he firmly said yes. BUT the sheet rock needs to be finished!!!

The carpenter says he can start on  Monday and that I should tell the sheet rocker that. 
Why me??? He's the contractor.

Am I near tears...YES!
All we have done since we got here 4 weeks ago is wait for people to do their job.
If the insulation had been  done by the person who was originally going to do it, it would have been done right and it would have been finished before we got here.
THAT is what put all of this behind!

IF he (the carpenter) had this sheet rocker set up to do the work before we left it would be done by now.

Instead we got a referral for a man that said yes, I can do it, but when we got here he decided he didn't want to do it so we had to waste a week looking for someone else.

This all should have been done by now!

Why can't they understand it from our side. We planned for 1 year to come out here for only 3 weeks. We set this all up 2 months before we got here with the promise that it would get done. It's 4 weeks now and I'm still sitting here in the cold trailer looking out the window at my sad little empty bunkhouse wondering WHY! 
Will it get finished in the next 9 days?

Or should I pack up and leave!

Could be that I'll have to come back earlier next year and finish the job myself.
Taping and texturing is NOT rocket science!
I can do it if I have to!
We could save a lot of money too.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hope things come together for you...home construction can be SO stressful! XO

Sylvia said...

You need to get mean. Call them up and throw a fit. Make sure you use your mean low "I will rip your head off" voice. Tell them you are blogging to the world about their incompetency and you have nothing better to do than post to places like Angies List and post negative posts on all the sites you belong to which includes hundreds of women in the Big Horn Basin.
Once they think you are a crazy woman they might get it done. Call and bug the hell out of them. They will finally do it just to shut you up. Don't just sit there. Make noise.


Bummer that the workers aren't working! It might be the small town thing! "when I get there"...
Hope it does work out so you won't freeze! I saw SNOW on the news there!

Faye said...
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