Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cottonwood Canyon and Absaroka Range

There is just no good reason for not posting for so long. Why does the time go so much faster as we get older! I hate this! Then I had a conflict with my new camera and my super slug computer. I am finally getting my act together and plan to get back to posting here again.

This was taken last summer. Looking right up Cottonwood Canyon. No way do pictures do this justice. Cottonwood canyon is at the base of the Big Horn Mountains western side. This is the big canyon we see from our place. You can see it on some or my previous posts from a distance.

Sunset looking west (of course) from the base of Cottonwood Canyon

Looking across Big Horn Lake at the Absaroka Range and the Beartooth Mountains.

I promise to be back with more pictures...soon!