Monday, September 9, 2013

Bunkhouse...will it ever be finished???

Well, here we are again.
Attempting to work on the bunkhouse. We've been here for a while and haven't accomplished very much this time.

This is a view last night as the sun was getting low in the sky, looking north west at the Gallatin Range off in the distance, you can barely make them out in this picture.

The husband is working on the electric (he's a licensed electrician).
The plumber showed up this morning after being absent for 4 days without a word and driving us (me especially) crazy. Our little camping trailer's hot water heater sprung a leak last Monday night so we have been without hot water for 6 days and having to make a 10 mile round trip to get a shower...major frustration.
Hopefully he will not leave until everything is finished and I will finally be able to take a shower in the bunkhouse bathroom that has no interior doors which doesn't matter since the sheet rock isn't even in place!
Home Depot dropped our special order toilet and broke it!!!!

Sheet rock has been ordered and is supposed to be delivered this morning first's now almost 10 am and no sign of it. Our first man to do the work never showed up so we are expecting a new man to do the job. He worked on the building of the bunkhouse so he should be good.

Our insulation inside was half done when we got here.

I am staining the windows, that's all I can do since I can't prime and paint the walls that are not there.

One thing I am learning is not to be in a hurry for anything here.
We made an effort to set all of this up at least a month in advance, that didn't work.
We spent all year buying and preparing to do a lot on the inside this year and we even hauled out a Bobcat to move the dirt piles to fill in the floor in the barn, that's not going to happen this year.

All in all it's been a very frustrating 12 days so far and the majority of the work we planned to do this year will have to wait for one more summer. 
I wouldn't be so disappointed if I didn't feel so old and that time is slipping away so fast, it puts us back one whole year!!!

This is us back in Minnesota, 2 trucks and 2 trailers full. The one in the distance has the Bobcat and this close one is PACKED full! Back when we had high hopes of getting tons of work done!

It was a long and slow haul through 100 degree weather (stressful for me towing of these trailers 900 miles for the first time especially down a 10% grade mountain to get here and I didn't even burn the brakes!). The husband ran over something sharp in the road at night, missed it with the truck but the Bobcat trailer hit it and gashed a tire. 

Maybe...IF the sheet rock ever shows up...I'll have some pictures of the inside to show you!

Now I guess I'll have to call the lumber yard and find out what happened to our 'first thing Monday morning" I hear the plumber drive be continued....

1:00 and the plumber has not returned yet (he's been gone 3 hours...he was here for 2 hours and that's it so far!). The guy I talked to on the phone Friday at the lumber yard forgot to tell the guys they had a delivery of sheet rock first thing Monday morning, the truck just arrived.
The heating man was here but left, probably to get lunch somewhere.
The 'rocker' is here and so is our carpenter so sheet rock will go up today!!!!
But will I have a shower later today???

As my friend in the grocery store said when I went to buy food this morning...Welcome to Wyoming!!! She went through all of this when she and her husband built their home here years ago.

At least it will be entertaining for us to go back to my blog in years to come!

To be continued....

2:30 update...
All men are now accounted for!
We have a plumber and helper,
our carpenter and 2 helpers prepping for the sheet rock 
and a heating man!
also my husband the electrician
The sheet rock was delivered
That's so awesome!!!

I am inside the big trailer sanding and finishing an old $10 buffet that will be the bathroom vanity.


Just for our own future reference...5:00 PM...we have water! No toilet or bathroom sink, no interior walls but we do have water!!!
The husband is hooking up the electricity to the water heater and will fill it. I'll finally have a real shower.
The vapor barrier is almost done on the walls, tools are here to sheet rock and the guys will all be back tomorrow to sheet rock the walls. The plumber will be back to finish a few things...whatever those may be I don't know.
The heating/air conditioning guy will be back Wednesday to finish his job.
I'm almost finished with my vanity, one more coat of Poly on the top and we can set the sink.

It's nice to see things finally happening!

***** my shower! How nice to finally have a REAL shower!
Warm water and lots of it! Could have been warmer but I didn't wait the entire time for the heater to fully warm it up. Nice that we have no neighbors since there are no shades over the windows and no interior walls or inside doors!!!
 I can't even imagine a flush toilet after 11 years of using an outhouse when we are here, that should be here Wednesday and hopefully the plumber will bring it out that same day!
Lets hope Home Depot doesn't drop this one!
Things are looking up tonight!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH this has to be very frustrating, Faye! One of those Murphy's Law things...I hope thinks get on track for you again soon! XO

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Grrrr...frustrating is right!
Hope things go better now!

Sylvia said...

It is so hard when you have to depend on others to do what needs to be done.
I understand your frustration.
I don't know that everyone moves at a slow pace around here, it's that everyone has about 3 months to do everything we need done and they all want it now.
You also have to realize the mentality of the good ol boy club. You are outsiders and the local guy needed it too, so the local guy got it first. Very clickish area.
How long are you going to be here?


Yes, things to remember in your old age! However, it appears that things are improving! I'd be happy too for water and a shower!