Friday, September 5, 2014

Plywood "Plank" Fooring

I discovered plywood plank flooring on Pinterest several months ago. 
We decided to give it a try.
We hand picked through the plywood sheets for what we thought would look the best cut into 'boards'.
The husband carefully measured and made a guide that he could clamp down in order to cut boards all the exact same width.

Then I brushed on the sanding sealer to prevent the pine from soaking up the satin unevenly.

I used Minnwax Golden Pecan for the windows and I like it but I wanted the floor to be a tad bit darker so I added drops of Minnwax Special Walnut followed with 1 coat of Polycrylic.

They have the same coloring as the Douglas Fir siding and I'm very happy with it.

We thought we should try it out in the bathroom first to see IF we are really going to like it
We're both very happy with the result so we will continue this flooring throughout the bunkhouse.
Gives it a rustic look that I'm looking for at a fraction of the price of wood  boards.

We're placing it randomly and using ring shank nails and face nailing the planks, surprisingly I can't even see them in the photo!

He has a small area left to do but the base trim is dry and I'm just a little anxious to get that toilet back in there so that's what he's doing now while I do this quick post.

I'll brush on another coat of Polycrylic when the floor is finished to help seal the edges and the nail heads.

The new construction outfit finished up. We had to give in and go with textured walls because the guy that did the sheet rock last year did such a poor job. Now that the new people have explained the correct way to install it, I understand. Last year I didn't have a clue and the guy doing it evidently didn't either...which boils down to the original carpenter (that we let go) contracted that guy to sheet rock. Either the previous carpenter didn't know how to install sheet rock or he just didn't care to take time to explain it to the the man doing it.

But that's water under the bridge now.

The new people (Alotta Cronstruction) spent extra days here trying to fix the mistakes and really wanted to give me smooth walls until finally they just had to give in and break the news to me. They did a nice job of a light texture and knock down so I'm okay with it...I have to be!

Then they spray primed for us so we can get on with our work.

And take breaks and enjoy lunch on the front porch with this view.

I will be back shortly with a finished will be the only completely finished room in the bunkhouse as we continue to work on the other rooms!

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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great idea for a floor! It really is starting to come together now!