Sunday, September 16, 2012

The mountain of dirt has been knocked down...and I am happy!

They knocked down the dirt mountain outside the window.
It couldn't be helped when they dug the foundation.
Now I can look out the main window and see the view, although there is yet to be a lot of dirt moved around.
(And of course my camera focused on the ladder and not the scenery!)

And I finally got a shot of the front, there will be a porch all across the entire front. The window where you see a ladder, that is the main window from the first picture of this post.

We concentrated the largest windows on the east and west where the best views are.

The man that will put in the septic came by and trenched for the porch posts, it was easier than drilling holes.

The carpenter is using some big 'elephant feet' called Big Foot for the base of the posts. The holes needed to be more than 24" across.

Digging a trench for the back porch posts...

Inside view to the south, I kept that window a little smaller since it's sunny nearly every day here and it will be so bright inside anyway.

My little added on room, this will eventually be storage for my fabric and wool.

The view to the north. 
On the left is a walk through closet that leads to a small bathroom. I wanted a window in the bathroom so this was the best solution for me.
On the right will be a small kitchen where my vintage stove, fridge and yellow formica table will be.
Since we will use this 'bunkhouse' to live in while we build the real house, we still need things like a kitchen and bathroom.
But... since I dye wool and also want to start painting again...the kitchen will serve as a place to do both after this becomes my studio.

We decided we need a window on that north wall of the kitchen, just above the ladder, the vintage stove will be just below the high window. Our awesome carpenter will cut that in next summer.

If you hate snakes....don't look beyond the "stars"


The other night I was walking back to the trailer, it was almost dark and I heard that sound...the rattle of a rattlesnake just to my left and ahead.

Out here there are tons of these guys so don't be sore that I shot him!
This IS Wyoming!
Yup, one shot and that was all it took.
(I just happened to be carrying my pistol)

One of the guys nicknamed me Annie Oakley after that.

Prairie Rattlesnake
For those of you who want to know, he measured 25" and has 6 rattles and a button.


Nancy said...

OMG! I would have died of a heart attack at just hearing the snake!! You go girl!! Loving the progress you're making on the bunkhouse!

Montanagirl said...

Ya, I'm not a fan of snakes of any kind. Good shot though! (both the photo and the pistol shots). Can't wait to see your bunkhouse when it's finished.

farmlady said...

Wonderful progress on the "little" house. This reminds me of building our house. We are still in the "little" house and it's 16 years later.
Wish I had thought to add a room for my crafts, fabric and such. I could use one more space for all of this creativity.
We shoot rattlers here too. People who don't, are doomed to be bit at some point. You just can't have them hanging around the yard. The more you scoot them away, the more babies they have.
Nice shot!