Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pouring the walls

Last weeks pictures,
the mountain tops are shrouded in clouds.

Looks like a gray day but still warm.

This week they are capping the crawl space and will pour the slab for the little back room.


Joan said...

And the excitement mounts! I will drive out there soon to see it for myself. Hope it gets done quickly so you can come spend time here and we can go do "girl" stuff!

Joan said...

And it's nice to see The Dirt Ranch is back!

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage ~ Cabin Creek said...

I had a few friends complain about the new name and wanted 'The Dirt Ranch' back. I like it better too and it's more appropriate!

Montanagirl said...

Hey welcome back! Just when I gave up on you - poof - here you are! Looking forward to blogging with you again.

troutbirder said...

As I love the mountain of Montana and Wyoming I followed Mona link here and what a plesant suprise. Great photos and mountain views. And the Gold Rush days at Oronoco. Could it be the one spouse and I visit in Minnesota? ....:)