Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bunkhouse Foundation

Okay, I know...for most of you this is probably as exciting as watching paint dry!
But I'm like a little kid!

It's a big hole in the ground...and the beginning...finally!
This has been a 10 year dream and to see it start is so exciting!

We are starting with what I like to call "the Bunkhouse". This will be a place to live while the real house is being built and then the bunkhouse will become my studio.

The bunkhouse will have just a crawl space underneath to keep the furnace and water heater, etc, and maybe a little of my stuff...

I'm guessing the dusty dirt was blowing around a bit and they needed to spray water from time to time but here are the footings all ready to be poured!

You can see the different layers of stones and gravel and he said they hit gravel so the floor of the crawl space will be nice and firm.

And the footings...

Here are the forms in place for the concrete walls. They will bring in a cement truck to pour the cement into the forms (probably already have). The forms are insulated already. Once set, the wall will be back filled.

There will be a small room off to the back that will be built on a slab of concrete which will be poured next week.

Building by Mountain Valley Homes of Cowley, Wyoming

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Excited for you!!!
Deb :)