Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wyoming Friends

Our good Wyoming friends Doug and Joan at their home on the lake.

I accidently bumped into Doug while on our ATV out on the BLM land when I was looking for old cow skulls. We hit it off immediatly, he led me to a ranchers big pile of old bones (I got 19 cow skulls...quit a find for this old bone collector). Doug met my husband and then I met Joan and we all became good friends. You can't ask for better friends!


Montanagirl said...

There's nothing like good friends! Good photo too.(Welcome back - hope you had a good Mother's Day)

Joan said...

Thanks, Faye! It is amazing that we all hit it off so well right from the start. I remember when Doug came home that day and told me about meeting you and how excited you were to find all the skulls. I couldn't wait to meet you guys. We will have lots of good times when you two get moved over here. We will still go on some of those adventures we had planned, but they won't be the same without Doug.

Looking forward to your visit to your Wyoming home.

Hey, you could have named your place The Skull Ranch!

Connie said...

How wonderful for you! They look like keepers.

Warren Baldwin said...

I still have elk antlers I found while walking the Wyoming countryside. I use them in school presentations here in Kansas. I envy you!

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments. I don't know if you will get an email update, so I'm posting it here so you can read it.

"Faye - Thanks for the comment on the picture. It was actually taken lookint to the south. I lived on the South Fork 6 miles south of Cody. The mountain to the left is Carter Mtn. I can't remember what the others are called. I will find out though! If you click on the picture it enlarges to the whole screen and you can really get a better feel for those mountains. Thanks for visiting - please come again!"


Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for visiting and following Family Fountain! I'm looking forward to reading your blog more and staying in touch with my favorite state. WB

Carol said...

When I first moved to FL my sister took me out to find stuff to decorate with...sculls, bones, turtle shells. I know I'll be checking back to see how you and your friends are doing. I'd be living out that way if I could convince my husband it didnt snow.