Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Neighbors

I don't how we got so lucky but we have the best neighbors in Wyoming that anyone could possibly have. Here are 2 of my favorites on their Gator, Neil and Ruth.

Before we bought this little piece of Wyoming, we were coming down the mountain heading west towards town. I pointed to a small clump of Cottonwood trees and said to my husband "That's where I want to live, that clump of trees". Well we ended up directly behind that clump of trees and Neil and Ruth are the owners of that clump of trees! How could we get so lucky!!!!


Connie said...

Looks like everyone is having so much fun!

Good neighbors make life so much fun. My best neighbors moved to Chicago 7 years ago and I still miss them.

Joan said...

Good neighbors are abundant here in Wyoming and you two fall into that category, too. How nice it will be when you are able to live here year-round and become full-time neighbors.

Kelle said...

What a blessing indeed it is to have good neighbors.

Most of our neighbors are elderly and full of wisdom, which I try to absorb to the fullest. On our East side we have a dear couple, whom we've grown to love like family. Across the way, is yet another couple and although we aren't as involved with them( they travel a lot) we do look out for their place and they ours, and to our West we have a bachelor fella. He's a hoot and we enjoy talking over the fence with him. He also keeps a close eye on our place and we do the same for him.

Thanks for stopping by our blog, I love reading the comments!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Gail said...

Say HI from Hyattville. Hope this finds you well.

Warren Baldwin said...

I've been looking for a blog of Wyoming and am thrilled to find yours! I linked here from montanagirls site. We are from Cody but now live in Kansas. My son lives in Bozeman but will be moving to Cheyenne soon, so the whole Mont-Wyo country is always on our minds.

Montanagirl said...

Nothing beats good neighbors! Cute photo.

Montanagirl said...

Faye! Where ya been lately? I've been missing your posts. You have such interesting ones!