Friday, June 11, 2010

Short trip up into the Pryor Mountains

We took what we thought would be a short few hour trip into the Pryor Mountains. We went up by way of Cottonwood Creek Road which is a trail interesting enough on it's own and we have been on several times. This is a one lane dirt road going through scrub cedar at first and eventually into pine forests.

As you get higher it becomes straight up on the left side and straight down a very steep side on the right. Once we got up into the mountains we came across these little guys. Their mama's were up the hill on our left, the young ones stopped long enough for us to get a few pictures.

We wanted to go back a different way and this was a road we had never been on so why not! The sign says "Recommended" 4 wheel drive road. This is Sykes Ridge Road...can't be too bad if it follows a ridge and we should have fantastic views!

This was the first rough part. The photos in no way can show how steep it is but it was very steep and rocky. I took very few photos as I was using the movie camera to get most of the trip. As we went downhill we said we aren't going back up that road! Hope there isn't anything any worse...can't be! Well...we were in for a big surprise! This is most of what the road did, up and down extremely steep hills with literally hairpin turns.

There is NO WAY anyone could do this in a 2 wheel drive and if you didn't have high clearance...forget it! Full size long box pick up with 4 wheel way! One of those 4X4's with the lift kit and the monster wheels would be more like it!

On one hairpin curve the right rear wheel stayed on solid rock while my husband steered the truck around the curve. We just pivioted around. There was no way a long box would have made that turn. Thank goodness we have a trusty 1989 Chevy 4 wheel Blazer or we would have been spending the night there. Thanks Diane for selling us your truck!!!

This short little trip was only 12 miles long from our place and back...It took us 6 hours!! And we never stopped for very long anywhere especially as we could tell we would be lucky to get back before dark. We did but just barely.

Yup...that's the truck parked on a flat spot...not many of those on this road. This would have been the best ad for Chevy Blazers back when they were made for this. I love that truck!!!

This is one view overlooking Devils Canyon. About the only way to view it unless you are in an airplane. The Big Horn Mountains are across the way.

This was the most fun I have had in ages! I want to go back but my husband says only if we take the ATV's and go up this time and only as far as where the truck was parked....bring a tent and camp for a day or two. The views are to die for and not a soul around.

Do not attempt this road without the proper vehicle in good working order, tools, food and water!!!

The only damage was we blew one shock (correction...there were 2) we didn't know that until we got home.

Be sure to click on the photos, at least the 2 scenery ones. You'll get a much better feel for what it looked like.


motoroz said...

I am so envious. What a beautiful area. The road looks challenging and fun.

Montanagirl said...

Wow I had no idea it was that rough up there. Beautiful though.

Cricket said...

I just stumbled by your blog, great posts and what a view!

HBFG said...

Hi! I found your blog over at Mona's Montanagirl!
I once traveld parts of the western US and I absolutely loved Wyoming!
Wish I could go back and spend more time there.
I am glad I found your blog, now I can enjoy the photos you share!