Saturday, August 15, 2009


No....this does not belong here. But I couldn't resist. I took this out our living room window in Minnesota. The mother just went over the hill before I took this shot. We are surrounded by deer and wild turkeys here, I will miss this when we move to WY. A few days after this I was sitting in the front yard and I suddenly noticed the fawn again. I sat very still. Out of curiosity he slowly approached me. He dared get as close as 15 feet, then sniffed the air a little and slowly walked away.


Montanagirl said...

Oh, he is just tooo cute. Love their spots this time of year!

Sunny said...

Your blog is so enjoyable. Your pictures are wonderful. Wyoming is such a beautiful state and I was lucky enough to spend some time there a few years ago.
Sunny :)

Jann said...

Gorgeous capture!

Connie said...

I saw two fawns following their mom the other day - isn't it kind of late in the year? Maybe the spots show for a year?

They are beautiful - fun to see a pic of them.